Tampa city Florida

Tampa city is located in the western part of Florida, on the coast of Tampa Bay – the large natural bay of the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa city Florida
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Tampa Bay stretches on the land for the 55 km, and the length of its widest part makes 16 km.

Tampa city is the third biggest city of Florida state – after Jacksonville and Miami, of course, and population of the city is more than 350 000 people. Tampa Bay itself consists of the three huge cities: of the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and, also, few dozens of little towns.

Tampa city Florida

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Tampa city and St. Petersburg city are connected by a very beautiful, long, majestic bridge – the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge – a cable-stayed bridge that goes over the Tampa bay – the longest cable-stayed bridge of the entire world.

The length of the Sunshine Skyline Bridge is, believe it or not, 6.6 km.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge cable-stayed bridge
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In Tampa is founded the largest university of Florida – the University of South Florida, in which are studying more than 45 000 students.

University of South Florida
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Interesting, that in Tampa are located the main servers of Wikipedia.

The old region of the city is called Ybor City, where, quite a lot of time ago, used to be concentrated the Latin-American diaspora. The old-fashioned trams are still traveling through the Ybor City – they are already 50 years old! The 7th Avenue of the Ybor City is full of various shops, restaurants and clubs.

Ybor City district of Tampa city
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Sightseeig Ybor City district of Tampa city

– Cigar Museum

– State Museum – museum of the unique history of the Ybor City district

The main attractions of Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – theme park with Roller coaster and African animals

– Adventure Island – water park of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

– Lowry Park Zoo with more than 2000 animals

– Florida Aquarium – aquarium with more than 20 000 inhabitants of the ocean & attracting a glass facade

– Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) and a planetarium

– Tampa Bay History Center

– Museum of Art

Adventure Island waterpark near Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida

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Gasparilla Pirate Festival

One of the most-most popular events in the Tampa – the Gasparilla Pirate Festival.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a spectacular celebration with the “real” invasion of the pirates’ Spanish ship Gaspara and the colourful parade through the city’s streets. This festival usually takes place at the end of January, and unites around 400 000 visitors every year.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival Tampa Florida

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Climate of Tampa city

The climate is sub-tropical, with the huge amount of rain during the hot summers. The average temperature at the middle of the summer is somewhere close to 32°C. The local winter is very dry and warm; the average winter’s temperature in Tampa is around 21°C. Very, very, very rarely the temperature lowers to the 0°C during the winter.

How get to Tampa city

There is an airport in Tampa – the Tampa International Airport. Besides, Tampa is located not far away from the International airport of the Orlando city in 160 km, and the International airport of the Miami in 330 km.

The hugest port of Florida state is found here; many cruise liners are making their stops here.

You can get to the Tampa from Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale by train.

Traveling in Florida by car is very comfortable and easy: the modern roads of Florida are very well-equipped for the voyagers and their automobiles.

Distance from Tampa to the main cities of Florida

to Jacksonville city – 318 km

to Orlando city – 135 km

to Miami city – 453 km

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