Florida State: cities & resorts

Florida, or the Sunny State, creates a stable associations with relax and amusement,
in reality, the coast of Florida stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico for 1600 km, and the sun is shining here whole 3000 hours per year!

Florida – the land of beaches, palms, surfing, year-round fruits, theme parks and numerous diverse entertainments.

In Florida, it is the summertime all year long, with the only difference, that the average temperature in the southern part is +28C during the summer, and +20C during the winter.

Beach of Atlantic ocean Florida
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The main parts of Florida

The Northern part of Florida

Tallahassee city – the capital of Florida and Pensacola, famous for the located there pilots’ base, Jacksonville city – some time ago one of the largest and the most popular resorts of Florida; to the north part also belong such unrepeatable in its historical center St. Augustine city, and the Greenfiled town in the middle of the huge National forest Ocala.

Panama City Beach – one of the most famous beaches of Florida and of the entire world, placed on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in the northern region, 180 km away from Tallahassee.

Jacksonville сity Florida

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The Central part of Florida

The empire of theme parks and entertainments, there is located the Orlando – a city with the unique amount of theme parks, which we don’t really need to present – these are such giants as Walt Disney park Florida, Universal park, SeaWorld park, Legoland and many, many, many other things to visit!

To the central part of Florida belong such cities as Daytona Beach on the Atlantic Ocean coast, world-famous for its NASCAR track and perfect sandy beaches, and cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Universal Studios theme park Orlando Florida

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The Southern part of Florida

To the southern part belong to the all-around-the-world-fame of the Miami city and its beautiful beaches – the dream of all travelers, and, also, the wonderful islands of Florida Keys.

The biggest part of the southern Florida is taken by the Everglades swamps and the eponymous Everglades National Park.

Two the most famous beaches  are located in its south part – West Palms Beach with its 27-km-long white-sanded beaches, only in 114 km away from the Miami city and the “visit card” of Florida – Miami beaches.

Miami Beach city Florida

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How to get to the Florida?

The most widespread way of traveling in Florida – is the car. Car roads here, as well as all other roads of the USA, are comfortable and well-equipped, because using the cars for moving from one place to another, no matter how far it is – rightfully one of the most beloved ways of traveling in America.

Along the development of the railway connections between and within the states, it had also became comfortable to travel between the Florida’s cities by trains: Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lake City, Tallahassee and Pensacola.

The regular railway trains are going from New York to Miami, making stops in according with the route, in such cities as Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale. You can see the train routes in Florida at the official web of the railway company Amtrak tickets.amtrak.com.

If you are planning the journey in Florida, but you live somewhere very far away, you, of course, can’t reach your goal without the flight on a plane. The major airports of Florida are located in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Altogether, there are more than 20 airports in Florida.

International airport Orlando Florida

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One of the largest long-distance bus lines of Florida is called Greyhound www.greyhound.com

You mustn’t forget, that the state is surrounded by ocean on three sides, and, of course, the sea connections – are one of the most important transport nets. Florida – a state of cruise ports, from here the large liners go to Hawaii and to the Canary Islands; liners are also going along the east coast till to the New York, some routes are going to Europe and even further away.

What to see in Florida?

The main attractions and entertainments of Florida

It is hard to list all the numerous entertainments in Florida, but here we’ll try to give the examples of the main and the most popular ones.

Islands of Adventure amusement park Orlando Florida

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The first place, with no doubts, is taken by the Walt Disney park Florida, founded in Orlando city: it is the largest Disneyland of the entire world, which attracts more than 50 000 000 visitors every year.

If we’ll add there the numerous guests of the exciting attractions of the Universal Studious, SeaWorld  and many other, which are also located in Orlando, we can rightfully call Orlando – the most visited and the most touristic city of Florida.

➤ all amusement parks of Orlando

Besides, the Busch Gardens in Tampa city and the huge Sea Aquarium in Miami are very popular.

Guests of different ages find a lot of interest in the Space Center of J. Kennedy on the Canaveral Cape and in the Nature park of alligators Gatorland in Orlando.

Gatorland park Orlando Florida

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Unique museums of Florida – the Home-Museum of Ernest Hemingway on the Key West island and the Museum of Salvador Dali at the center of St. Petersburg, with its richest collection of the Dali’s artworks in America. The Indians’ reservations Seminole and Miccosukee are also very popular among the guests.

Sometimes, the cable-stayed bridge across the Tampa bay is being called “the wonder of the world” – Sunshine Skyway Bridge – one of the longest cable-stayed bridges of the world! The total length of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge makes 6,6 km.

Florida is also well-known its Natural parks and forests of Florida.

In 90 minutes of drive from the Miami city, on the Key Largo island of the unique Florida’s archipelago – Florida Keys, is located the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park   – the first underwater park of America. There, on the depth of 6 meters, you can see the bronze monument of Christ, and it is 3-meters-high and weighs 1.8 tones. Interesting, that it is a copy of the statue at the Mediterranean sea, not far away from the Italian city Genoa.

Miami city Florida

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Florida – an unique state with the unique nature and history, here everything is made for the best and the most unforgettable rest.

Florida is rightfully considered one of the Best places of the World for rest!

Team of the orlando4travel web is ready to help you in searching for the most amusing and exciting places for visiting and relaxing! Stay with us 😉

You are welcome in Sunny State!