Boggy Creek airboat rides – 38 miles from Orlando

Boggy Creek is an unique possibility to see Florida Wild Nature with its famous Florida alligators, exotic birds, turtles and other quaint

Forever Florida active resting natural park – 51 miles from Orlando

Forever Florida natural park of active resting offers to its guests many various active entertainments on the opened air.   Night and

Blue Spring State Park – 35 miles from Orlando

Blue Spring park is famous as a wintering place of the rare animals, called manatees: they are coming to get worm in

Ocala National forest Florida – 52 miles from Orlando

Ocala forest is a gigantic (1570 km2) pine trees forest with the unique sandy soil and specific type of pine tree –

Gatorland theme park Orlando

Gatorland – the huge alligators’ farm in Orlando, which takes a territory of more than 110 ha! Gatorland – one of the

Fun Spot American slopes & attractions theme park Orlando

Sun Spot America is an amusement park, beloved by Orlando’s locals and guests for diversity of its attractions for any ages, for

Wild Florida park Florida – 40 miles from Orlando

The trip on an air boat in the reserve-park Florida, in the park pf unique beauty and primeval wild nature – a

Attractions in Orlando up to $ 50

Сheap and interesting relaxing and having fun in Orlando up to $ 50 are possible! There is a sustainable opinion, that parks,

BK Adventure tours of Wild Florida: kayaking and biking

BK Adventure Eco-Tours – the travel to the heart of the Florida’s Wild nature. The agency of traveling and eco-tourism BK Adventure,