Coral castle – South Florida

Coral Castle – one of the most astonishing and surprising places in Florida.

Uniqueness of the castle lies in fact that it has been built by one person who claims that he has discovered the secret of the Egyptian pyramids.

Edward Leedskalnin, moved to USA at the age of 33. For 30 years since 1920 he has been collecting and processing huge boulders.

Coral castle - South Florida. Photo 2

On 40 hectares he managed to construct what seemed to be impossible: functional gates which weigh over 3 tons, few swings of 500 kg each, planet parade – Popular star and moon weigh 30 tons, telescope tower which weighs 250 tons and other impressive constructions and objects.

According to the story he was doing to it to his unrequited love hoping that this would attract her attention.

Multiple locals have thought that Edward is an alien. They were assuring that he has been talking to the boulders and that they would follow his orders.

Coral castle - South Florida. Photo 3

Modern science and engineering still can’t disclose all the secrets of Coral Castle. It is even harder to explain how such magic was done by a sickly person.

P.S.His beloved one after all decided not to join Edwards life(( But one thing he has achieved for sure: he has written his name into history books and surprise future generations with what can be done using human hands, increasing the belief into human ability.

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Coral Castle Museum is open for visitors:

from 9 to 18 from Thursday to Sunday.

Museum Address:

28655 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, South Florida

Official website of the museum

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Coral castle - South Florida. Photo 4