Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

Miami is a large megapolis, located on the eastern Atlantic coast of the Florida state.

Today Miami is the second biggest city of Florida and its main financial and economic center: here are placed many offices of the international backs, large corporations, world-famous sound recording and TV studious.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Miami – takes the third place – after New York and Chicago – in a championship of the biggest amounts of the skyscrapers. In Miami are built 112 high-rise buildings, more than 90 m high each.

The hugest skyscrapers of Miami – the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower, which’s height makes 240 meters.

History of Miami

Miami got the official status of the city in 1896, having the population of approximately 500 people. Miami enters the first time of rise thanks to the rich American lady Julia Tuttle, who had started the first orange plantation, after what Miami became the main producer of oranges in all American states.

The second market of growth and development of the city was connected the building of the railway to Miami, organized by industrialist Henry Flagler.

After the “building bum” of 2001, Miami already had more than 50 skyscrapers – and all of them were more than 120 m high, and its population made 350 000 people.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Miami impresses with the large diversity of the ethnic groups and cultures of people, living here. You can hear somebody calling Miami the “gates of Latin America”, because more than 60% of the Miami’s population are the natives of Cuba, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.

The average age of the Miami locals is a little bit more than 38 – that’s connected with the fact that Miami is, traditionally, one of the favourite living place for the American pensioners. Many wealthy Americans, when entering the retirement age, are coming there, attracted by the comfortable climate and relatively low prices for the immovable property.

Miami owns its warm and soft climate to the Gulfstream flow, that passes by in about 20 km from the Miami coast.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

Usually, the map of Miami is divided into 2 parts:

Downtown Miami and Brickell – the commercial regions with skyscrapers, offices of banks and corporations, fashionable hotels and apartments (mainly, for managers of the different levels of life, that are working here). The life of this business Miami’s part is significantly different from the entertaining colourful touristic atmosphere of the coastal regions.

Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach and South Beach – the coastal regions of Miami are the resort regions of Miami. These are the regions, which you probably know from the photos of the wonderful beaches, palms, colourful coastal cafés, restaurants and clubs, numerous hotels and other amusements for tourists.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is separated from the Miami city by the Biscayne Bay.

Officially, the resort Miami Beach is considered a separate independent city, although it mainly associates with the city itself.

In Miami Beach are located the best luxurious hotels of Florida, clubs and casinos, many various entertainments for the millions of tourists, coming there every year.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Miami Beach is famous all over the world for its perfect, long, clean, sandy and – what’s the most important – free sandy beaches. The luxurious hotels and houses of the world-famous celebrities are founded all over the coast. All the coastal line is literally full of high-rise hotels and these homes of celebrities!

Relaxing-entertaining life of the Miami Beach doesn’t finish for entire days. Here, everyone can find an entertainment for his or her own taste, and will feel the wonderful and exiting atmosphere of the everlasting party!

The main walking promenade of the Miami Beach, its oldest region and the “visiting card” – Ocean Drive.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Ocean Drive

The embarkment of Ocean Drive stretched for the few kilometres along the ocean and the beautiful sandy beach; there are many bike routes and fields for playing the beach volleyball in the shadows of picturesque palms. There plays music and shine lights of the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs, waiting for their guests, and offering the huge choice of refreshing cocktails with the most bizarre compositions you ever saw!

More than 800 buildings, famous and known by everyone from the postcards, of the hotels of Art Deco district, founded in 1920-30, all have their own different styles and unrepeatable appearances, projected by one of the most famous architects of these times. This district is included into the National register of the USA’s historical monuments.

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Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Attractions of Miami

Numerous tourists are coming to Miami for their annual vacation, to relax and take some nice photos at the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Lovers of the night clubs and fashion galleries, surfers and divers, art and architecture connoisseurs… just the curious active beginners and more sophisticated tourists… everyone will find something good for himself here, which is really full of interesting and diverse entertainments!

The main and most popular sightseeing of Miami

House Versace

Vizcaya Museum and Garden

Trinity Cathedral Miami

Historical Museum of South Florida

Jewish Museum of Florida

Bass Museum of Art

Lowe Art Museum

Museum of Design

Modern Art Museum

Museum of Science

Children’s Museum of Miami

Railway Museum

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Butterfly World

Bayfront Park

Oleta River State Park


Everglades National Park

Lion Country Safari

Jungle Island or Monkey Jungle


Kay West Archipelago Key West Florida

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Key-West city on the Key West island – is the most south spot of the Florida Leys archipelago, and it’s the most south city.

Key West is, actually, the most south point of America, in only 150 km away from Cuba.

Key-West is connected with the main landmass by the system of bridges, stretched from island to island through all the archipelago Florida Keys, right through the ocean. The overall length of the road is 160 km, and the longest bridge is 11 km long.

On the Key-West you can find a very famous House-museum of Ernest Hemingway: a lion’s part of its fame comes from the 44 six-fingered cats, living on the territory of the museum. That’s something quite cool!

Ernest Hemingway's House Museum Kay West Florida

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Diving in Miami

The artificial coral reefs – not far away from the city – belong to the most attractive world’s diving places. There are many sunken ships under the water!

Surfing and kiting

Surfing on the board had become a very popular entertainment all over the world. Miami with its all-year-long warmness of climate, pleasant ocean water and constant waves, attracts a large flow of surfers from all over the Earth almost without stopping, all the time!

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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Hotels of Miami

Miami is one of the most-most popular resorts of the world, here are located the hotels of pretty much all world’s network hotels. Among more than a hundred hotels of Miami you can always find a hotel, suitable for your wallet and taste.
In the Northern region of Miami Beach, you are able not only to rent the apartment in hotel, but the separate apartment with kitchen – that’s what the families with kids like to do.
The Southern region is way more “partying” and loud, more suitable for the active all-day-long amusements.

If you decided to settle in a center of the resort life of Miami Beach – in the Ocean Drive – you should definitely choose the hotel of the famous Art Deco district.

Best hotels in Miami with seasonal discounts

Mobile and Wi-Fi

The mobile operators are: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS and Spring Nextel.
Free Wi-Fi is available in almost all public places, hotels and restaurants, beaches of Miami.

Climate of Miami

In Miami there is no winter, as we know it. Summer lasts there for all year long.

It is the tropical city, with the water in the ocean, which almost never cools down – thanks to the Gulfstream flow, passing very closely.

The calendar winter in Miami starts in December and finishes in February; the day’s temperature at that time is usually 25°C, and sometimes even 30°C. Miami’s winter is very warm and dry – exactly due to the absence of too strong heat, this time is the most popular for the visiting of Miami.

The summer iis hot and humid.
From the May to the October, there can very strong precipitation can come to Miami. From the end of June and till the beginning of November, there exists a danger of hurricane creation.

Transports in Miami

The public transport is presented as buses, metro and metromovers. Metromovers are the unique type of the public transport in Miami – these are the passengers’ trailers without the driver, completely ruled by electronics.
Metromovers are crossing with the Miami’s metro lines on the two stations – Brickell and Government Center.

Miami and Miami beach cities Florida

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How to get to Miami

Miami has its own International airport of Miami, so you can easily get by plane. Miami Airport is the largest airport of Florida.
Form New York you can get to the Miami by train.

Miami is the largest port of Atlantic as well. Here are beginning many routes of the cruise liners.

One of the easiest ways to get to Miami is a car traveling. You are able to rent the car, and comfortably observe all the Miami’s and Florida’s sights you are interested in – even the most distant ones. And, of course, here – those, who love jokes and good cars – can drive to the hotel on their rented Mustang, Cabriolet or Taho, and negligently give the keys to valet – because, really, why not?

The most choice of the car-renting companies in the Miami airport, are the American and world’s rentacar brands.

Find out about the prices of the car renting in Miami, from more than 30 companies in Florida:

Enjoy your holiday in Florida!