Coral castle – South Florida

Coral Castle – one of the most astonishing and surprising places in Florida. Uniqueness of the castle lies in fact that it

Blueberry Harvest Festival in Florida

Every year the Floridian blueberry farm Southern Hill invites everyone to visit the Harvest Blueberry Festival! You can collect as much blueberry

Mardi Gras carnival in Orlando!

For the whole past week, there’s going on a grandiose annual event of the Universal park – parade-carnival Mardi Gras Celebration. The

Boggy Creek airboat rides – 38 miles from Orlando

Boggy Creek is an unique possibility to see Florida Wild Nature with its famous Florida alligators, exotic birds, turtles and other quaint

Florida Citrus Parade

Florida Citrus Parade is an annual colorful event, one of the most favourite ones! Florida Citrus Parade in Orlando – the mass

Celebration of Harry Potter

Celebration of Harry Potter™ – the three-days long celebration of lovers and fans of the movies about Harry Potter from Universal Orlando Resort™.

Planet Obstacle Florida

Planet Obstacle is the biggest indoor park of obstacles in Florida. The park is located close to the Lake Mary and takes

Daytona 500 race NASCAR at the Daytona International Speedway

Daytona 500 is an annual cultic event for the lovers of professional races, organized on a specially built, large professional autodrom Daytona

Еola Lake – Downtown Orlando

Eola Lake and park, that surrounds it, is considered as a Central park of city Orlando and recognized as its symbol. Park

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights ™ in Universal park that became a traditional annual autumn’s event, collecting numerous guests. Used photos from web

Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

129-meters-tall Ferris wheel Coca-Cola Orlando Eye – the highest Ferris wheel of the whole East coast in USA. The full circle on

Water parks & aqua parks in Orlando

Florida is a Sunny state, Orlando city is an entertaining capital of Florida ☀ Water parks in Orlando are diverse in themes, attractions,