WonderWorks museum in Orlando

Wonder Works – a museum, that unites education and entertainment, fascinatingly teaches the guests of different ages with laws of physics and universe.

WonderWorks museum in Orlando

Mechanics and electricity, light and sound, gravity force of the Earth and space weightlessness, optical illusions, hurricanes and earthquakes – about all these and other phenomenon, here you can receive the visual presentation, personally taking part in the wonderful experiments and trying various simulators.

Moving through the theme zones of WonderWorks, everyone can check and strength his knowledge in physics, his creative potential and even his physical abilities!

WonderWorks museum in Orlandо

The WonderWorks museum’s building looks very strange from outside: like a flipped home. Inside of this home you will see the chairs on ceiling and the chandelier on a floor.

This building has its own legend: it was transported by a gigantic tornado (which happened because of the experiment of scientist Wondera) from Bermuda Islands. Later, tornado had dropped the home upside-down in Orlando.

WonderWorks museum in Orlando

Working time of Museum WonderWorks from 9:00 to 24:00

Entrance ticket to WonderWorks costs 29.99$+tax for adults and 23.99$+tax for children; the ticket includes the visiting of all the exhibitions and installations in museum, the trill at the 4D XD Motion Theatre, the laser wars Laser Tag, and the lighting in the darkness Glow-In-The-Dark ropes entertainment (for that you may need the closed shoes and special permission)

WonderWorks museum in Orlando

WonderWorks museum in Orlando

WonderWorks museum in Orlando

Together with the Museum WonderWorks it is comfortable to visit the Show with Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show, which is also placed here
Entrance tickets to Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show cost 29.99$+tax for adults and 19.99$ for children: it includes pizza, salad, beer, vine, lemonades and desserts

You can receive the 15% discount for online buying the Combo entrance ticket! to WonderWorks museum and Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

The address of WonderWorks museum Orlando 9067 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Museum WonderWorks on Orlando map:

Official web of WonderWorks museum Orlando www.wonderworksonline.com

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