Florida Keys archipelago ☀ islands and coral reefs

Florida Keys is an archipelago of islands and coral reefs, located close to the Florida. It includes 1700 islands.

Florida Keys islands are the truly heavenly places, surrounded with the wonderful beauty of the tropical and oceanic landscapes, striking your imagination with their picturesque white beaches – beloved by many celebrities.

Florida Keys archipelago - islands and coral reefs

Florida Keys – one of the most popular places for fishing and diving. Florida Keys are the richness of the underwater flora and fauna, sunken ships and the bronze statue of Christ, hidden under the water next to the Key Lago Island – all that, of course, attracts thousands and thousands of divers from all around the world.

Florida Keys archipelago Overseas Highway

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Overseas Highway

Length of one of the most beautiful highways of the entire world makes 182 km, and it is composed of 42 bridges. All along your journey to the most southern spot of America – to the Key-West Island – you are going to be followed by the magnificent natural landscapes, and you are going to be able to find the restaurants serving freshly-caught  seafood almost everywhere. Atlantic Ocean is so rich seafood!

Fishing is especially popular at the Islamorada and Marathon islands of the archipelago.

Cozy hotels, picturesque coastline, numerous piers, and, also, the rentable boats   – all these goods of life are making this place a “mecca of fishing”!

Especially in the season of lobster catching 🙂

Florida Keys archipelago - islands and coral reefs Florida

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Overseas Highway is the rebuilt system of the Henry Flagler’s railway bridges. The building itself started in 1905 and finished in 1912. The hurricane, passing there in 1935, destroyed the major part of the road, and, after the long reconstruction, the ex-railway turned into the highway.

The longest bridge of the Overseas Highway of the Florida Keys archipelago and of all the world in general – the Seven Mile Bridge.

Seven Mile Bridge – is the symbol of Florida Keys, and, with no doubts, the most impressing bridge of the Overseas Highway. There were filmed such Hollywood blockbusters as “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “Mission Impossible 2”, “I and number four” and “Licence to Kill” – the 16th film of the world-famous “bondiana”, the adventures of famous James Bond.

Florida Keys archipelago Seven Mile Bridge Florida

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While traveling through the Florida Keys, don’t forget to take a your camera with you and many wonderful photos are guaranteed to you!

The sunset on Florida Keys is especially beautiful and worth your attention: the sun, sinking in the bluish waters of the Atlantic Ocean is indescribably beautiful!

Остров Key West архипелаг Florida Key Флорида
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Key-West Island

Key-West Island – is the last island and the “finishing point” of the Florida Keys and whole America. Key-West Island is the most known island of this archipelago; here, Ernest Hemingway wrote his main masterpieces, and presidents of the USA – John Kennedy, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower – used to rest here not once, and not even twice.

➤ about Key-West island

Archipelago Florida Keys is a popular touristic distination of the Florida, more than 3 000 000 tourists are visiting Florida Keys every year.

Archipelago Florida Keys on map of Florida:

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