Blue Spring State Park – 35 miles from Orlando

Blue Spring park is famous as a wintering place of the rare animals, called manatees: they are coming to get worm in the warm waters of St.Johns river, flowing through the Blue Spring park.

Blue Spring State Park Florida

The Florida’s Manatees can grow up to 5 meters and more, but right now they are on the verge of total extinction. That’s why they are under the government’s security, and the hunting for them is strictly forbidden.

Blue Spring State Park Florida

In the Blue Spring park, there are many entertainments for visitors: renting the boats or canoes, diving, fishing (only in special places, of course), swimming or walking – you can just simply come to enjoy the picnic on the nature!

Blue Spring State Park Florida

The boat tour of the St.Johns river  on a pleasure boat, hoping to meet the manatee or crocodile in their natural habitat, is especially interesting. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to see the Florida’s wild nature closer, and to get a ton of pleasant memories.

In park are laid some picturesque paths, organized places for rest and observation desks, cafes and the playgrounds for kids.

Blue Spring State Park Florida

Many people are coming to Blue Spring park for swimming in a nice bathhouse with a wonderful emerald-coloured water.

Besides the impressing bathhouse’s colour, there is one more speciality – temperature of the water here is +22 C and it stays unchanged for all the year.

Blue Spring State Park Florida

Blue Spring State Park Florida

An entrance to Blue Spring is free.

Blue Spring State park open for visitors from 9:00 to 17:00

The address of Blue Spring State Park 2100 W French Ave, Orange City, Florida

Blue Spring State Park on Florida map:

Official web of Blue Spring State Park

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