BK Adventure tours of Wild Florida: kayaking and biking

BK Adventure Eco-Tours – the travel to the heart of the Florida’s Wild nature.

The agency of traveling and eco-tourism BK Adventure, with its huge experience and developed traditions of kayak, pedestrian and bike tours, offers you an unforgettable adventure in the state’s nature forest Little Big Econ.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

Their experienced guide Ram, natively from Nepal, will professionally organise one-day tours on the mountain bikes, kayaks or pedestrian tours – any tours, from the informative to extremal ones, taking in consideration the opportunities and your own wishes.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

The most popular Walking tours from the BK Adventure Eco-Tours on kayaks and mountain bikes, through the reserves of the “real” wild Florida:

Walking eco-tour on the bikes and kayaks

This tour is laid in the most beautiful places of the “real” Florida – in the Seminole forests, located a bit to the north from Orlando.

The popular route begins with the kayaking on the river Econolockhatchee, once the homeland of Indians, and with the meeting of diverse river’s eco-system. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see in a famous black river’s waters a real Florida alligator and another animals and birds of wild untouched Florida’s nature – one of the richest bio-systems of the world!

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

After the picnic next to the riverbank, the walking tour continues with the mountain bikes through the Little Big Econ forest, through its most picturesque trails, woody bridges over the rivers and springs. This funny 2-hours-long bike ride, finishes our Walking Eco-tour from BK Adventure Orlando Florida.

The walking eco-route is appropriet for guests older than 12 years, not professionals.

The tour starts at 10:00 daily from Snow Hill Road Bridge, County Road 13

For those who live in hotels in I-Drive or Lake Buena Vista, there is an offer of organising the meeting in the hotel lobby from 8:30 to 9 o’clock.

The cost of participation in a walking tour is 150$ per person, and in that price included the transport, all of the needed equipment, picnic and the professional guiding.

Mountain bikes trip

Length of the route on mountain bikes through the reserve of wild nature is around 13 kilometres.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

The route leads its guests deep into the dense tropical forests over springs, on the mountain ranges, along the Ekon river, surrounded with alligators, usual and blue herons, reindeer and other local wild animals.
The bike tour is appropriate for guests older than 12 years old, not necessarily professionals, is designed for around 2 hours.

The tour starts at 10:00 daily from Snow Hill Road Bridge, County Road 13

The cost of participation in a bike tour is 75 $ per person

Kayaking on Econlockhatchee river

The tour on kayaks on the Econlockhatchee river – the acquaintance with the unique flora and fauna of Florida – with the huge Florida alligators, manatees, turtles, hawks, bald eagles, deer, historical places of the local native Indians’ settlements in Semanol

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

The duration of tour is 3-4 hours, with the beginning at 10:15

The cost of kayaking tour is 75 $ per person

Kayaking tour on Econlockhatchee river is designed for guests not younger than 8-years-olds, and there are offers of double kayaks for the family trip.

Kayaking tour on Silver River – The heaven of wild monkeys

Kayaking tour along Silver river – the heaven of wild monkeys, crystal-clean waters and nature, shown in movies about Tarzan! The participants of the tour will meet the sun-bathing on lumbers alligators, iridescent blue fish, numerous murmuring monkeys Rhesus on the tree brunches along the river.

The duration of the tour will take 4 hours, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The cost of kayaking tour along Silver river is 98 $ per person

Tour on kayaks along the Silver river is appropriate for guests from 8 years old, and it offers the double kayaks for a family trip

Kayaking tour in the manatees’ surrounding, along the Indian river

Kayaking in a surrounding of cute manatees on the Indian river lagoon, in Haulover channel – Titusville Florida – the unique living place for 36 rare animals, including the West Indian Manatee. The inaudible kayak’s sliding on a water doesn’t interrupting the calmness of these mysterious animals and aloud to see them very close, to make the unique photos or videos for memory. Manatees are friendly and curious animals, so they can come near the boat and salute you with the fountain of water!

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

Tours are being organised 3-times-a-week

The kayaks tour on the Indian river costs 48 $ per person

Kayaking tour on Indian river is appropriate for guests older than 6 years, and they also offer double kayaks for family trips

Bioluminescent kayaking tour

Bioluminescent kayaking tour on the lighting in the dark river.

In entire world, there are only 6 places, where you can see the bioluminescent seaweed – an unique phenomenon. Rivers Banana and Indian – one of such places, in their cleanest waters you can see this unique natural spectacle.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

BK Adventure collects few groups with 8-9 kayaks in each, which provides the best unification with nature and immersion into the magical lighting world.

The best time of the year for shining bioluminescent night kayak-tours: from the May to November, when it is time of lighting for Dinoflagellates seaweed, or just Dinophytes, and also from 15th of October to 15th of March – the period of lighting for Bioluminescent Comb Jellies – ancient sea creatures – crests – who are living on our planet for long 500 000 years!

Duration of the tour is 90 minutes, with the beginning at evening

Cost of bioluminescent tour on kayaks is 55 $ per person

Bioluminescent tour is appropriate for kids not younger than 8 years, the weight limitation for single-place kayaks – 136 kg, and for double-place kayaks – 272 kg

Kayaking tour on the sunset

The tour on kayaks during the sunset will leave you an unforgettable impressions and positive emotions from the contemplation of waters of beautiful sleeping nature, sea birds, manatees and dolphins, especially active at that time of the day, wonderful sights of the Bird Island.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

Enjoying the glorious view, you can take a break with some snacks, taken from home. The Sunset tour ends with the kayaks’ returning to lagoon, where at that time starts am unique natural phenomenon – bioluminescent lighting.

The cost of Sunset kayakung tour – 75 $ per person

The Sunset tour on kayaks is appropriate for guests not younger than 8 years, and there is an offer of double kayaks for family trip

Eco camping in a forest

For those, who would love to spend the night out in the nature, to feel themselves the discoverers of America – Eco camping – the night adventure on the kayak and lonely overnight staying in the camping on the bank of Little Big Econ river, with its traditional barbeque, bonfire tales and songs. This natural camping without any comforts and benefits of civilization, with accommodation in double-place tent, with 4 to 10 people in every group. At morning, group comes back on kayaks.

BK Adventure agency tours Wild Florida kayaking biking

On page used photos from Facebook BK Adventure page facebook.com/BKadventure

The cost of night in Eco camping is 220 $ per person. In that payment are included: whole organization, kayaks, transport, equipment and picnic.

Orlando Kayak & Bike Tours working time

9:00 – 18:00 every day

Address BK Adventure Eco-Tours in Orlando Florida

121 S. Orange Avenue – 15th Floor, Orlando

BK Adventure Eco-Tours Orlando Kayak & Bike Tours on Orlando map:

Official web of BK Adventure agency: kayaking and biking eco-tout Orlando bkadventure.com

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